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    Printer Color Mapping and Line Scaling Options

    Purpose of This Note

    This note describes how to use the INI file options that control printed output in DesignWorks and LogicWorks for Windows systems.

    This note applies to: Windows Macintosh
    DesignWorks Professional All N/A
    DesignWorks Lite All N/A
    LogicWorks All N/A
    Notes: N/A – not applicable to this version. “3.0 +” indicates version 3.0 and later.  Since this note may apply to multiple versions and platforms, there may be some variation in exact configuration of menu commands and screen layouts from that shown in this note, but the same principles apply.

    Editing the INI File

    All of the options described here are modified by editing the file dw.ini (DesignWorks, DesignWorks Professional and DesignWorks Lite) or lw.ini (LogicWorks) which is located in the same directory as the program files.  The ini file can be edited using NotePad or any basic text editor.  If you use a word processor such as Microsoft Word, make sure to use a Text Only option when saving the file.

    Printer Line Scaling Options – PrinterScaleLines

    This option selects one of three possible ways of setting line width when a diagram is printed.  The option that is best for your application will depend on the printer you are using, the scale factor and your own preferences.  If this keyword is missing or an invalid option has been specified then NO scaling of lines will occur.


    This indicates that no scaling should occur.  I.e. A line that is displayed 3 dots wide on the screen will be displayed three dots wide in the printer’s native resolution.


    This indicates that all lines should be scaled.  I.e. A line should appear on the printout approximately the same width as it appears on the screen.


    This specifies that lines one pixel wide (i.e. most signal lines on the screen) will be printed one dot wide in the printer’s native resolution.  All other lines will be scaled.  With some printers, this option makes the best use of fine lines for representing signal traces.

    Printer Color Mapping Options – PrinterColors

    The “PrinterColors” INI file option allows you to force all printing to be done in black and white, regardless of color settings on the screen.


    This specifies that all color information should be transmitted to the printer.   IMPORTANT NOTE: Some printer drivers may have their own color options that could override this one.  If you have specified Yes for this option and are still getting black and white output, check the Print Setup options for your selected printer.


    If PrinterColors=ToBlack is specified then all non-white colors are translated to black when printing.

    If the “PrinterColors” keyword is missing or an invalid option has been specified then “Yes” is assumed.

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