Unique in the industry, DesignWorks Professional works the way you do. With its intuitive graphical interface you’ll be completing projects, not reading manuals. The program is designed to minimize the number of mouse clicks and key strokes needed to complete a task. Most common operations, like placing a part or drawing a signal line, require no menu selections and no command typing. The powerful scripting system provides seamless integration with all your engineering tools. DesignWorks Professional 5 doesn’t just provide an environment for a single goal. It allows you to recapture your investment dollars by being flexible enough to handle all your design goals, be the goal a PCB design, Spice analysis, or simulation. You are not locked in to one PCB or simulation vendor. DW_main_page_image_1

Schematic Capture for Electronic Design

DesignWorks Professional 5 has all the features you would expect from your schematic capture package, including:
  • Automatic gate packaging
  • Unlimited hierarchy levels
  • Industry standard [url=netlist]netlist[/url] generation(Orcad, Pad’s, Protel, Winboard and many more) Flexible, customizable netlist and report generation
  • Flexible, customizable netlist and report generation
  • Multilevel Undo/Redo
  • Back Annotation (from supported systems)
  • Graphics export to PDF, DXF(Windows only) and WMF(Windows only)

Schematic Drawings for Non-Electronic Applications

With its flexible report generation, built-in symbol editor and powerful text attribute features, DesignWorks Professional is ideal for non-electronic diagramming applications, including:
  • Networks
  • Cabling
  • Power Electrical
  • Industrial Controls


Schematic Capture for OEM Applications

If you produce circuit or network analysis, layout or simulation software and need a graphical diagramming tool as a front end, consider DesignWorks Professional. DesignWorks has numerous customization features that allow the package to be configured for your application, often without writing a single line of program code! Custom menus, symbol libraries, netlist and report outputs, design templates and other items can be customized to meet your requirements. Check our OEM features page for more information or contact us to discuss your requirements. DW_main_page_image_4 (lightning)

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